World Hypertension Day

July 17, 2021 by Dr Arun Bhardwaj0

World Hypertension Day will be observed on 17th of May this year. This symptomless disease can lead you to many fatal consequences.
Hypertension commonly known as high blood pressure is a condition in which there is a long-term high force of blood against artery walls. The force is high enough to cause some serious health problems like heart disease and stroke.
There are numerous reasons for hypertension like- obesity, diabetes, and stress. You can suffer from high blood pressure for years and without any symptoms. Hypertension and obesity are a global concern and record shows that these are spreading with great intensity.
On World Hypertension Day, we present you some staggering statistics published today by Hindustan times –

  • 20.7 crore Indians are Hypertensive of which only 7.9 % are controlled.
  • 6.5 crore Indians are Diabetic of which only 24.8% are controlled
  • Half of these patients are suffering from obesity and overweight

BARIATRIC (Weight loss) SURGERY, in large studies worldwide, has been conclusively shown to improve or cause complete cure of Diabetes and Hypertension. Dr. Arun Bhardwaj is a leading weight loss surgeon in Delhi and has treated thousands of cases successfully.
Take control of your life. Don’t let Diabetes and blood pressure overpower you.

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