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What is obesity?

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Obesity and heart disease go side-by-side. It is the fastest-growing health problem worldwide. Obesity is not just one disease it is a root cause of many severe diseases that may lead to death.

It is found that a person who is obese is 28% more likely to suffer from heart diseases. Excess fat around the waist has a direct effect on heart structure and function. Obesity is a serious health issue but a slight change in lifestyle and eating habits can save you from life-threatening diseases.

What is obesity?

Obesity is a major disorder that involves an excessive amount of body fat. Obesity isn’t just a cosmetic concern. Being excessive obese will increase your risk of severe diseases and health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Rates of obesity are on the rise worldwide. But this can be controlled by making a few dietary changes, increased physical activity and behaviour changes.

Ways in which obesity contributes to heart disease-

Obesity contributes to heart disease in the following three ways:

•    Obesity drastically changes your cholesterol level. It lowers good high-density cholesterol and increases bad cholesterol.

•    A person suffering from obesity will show the frequent problem of high blood pressure and high blood pressure is one of the common cause of heart disease.

•    Those who are suffering obesity are more prone to disease like diabetes. Diabetes is one of the top 7 major factors that lead to heart diseases.

Key factors that contribute to obesity:

Obesity is not a problem that is caused overnight. Many factors when practised regularly keep contributing to making you an obese. Following are a few things that must be avoided to avoid obesity-

Inactivity- lack of regular exercise and any other physical activity may lead you towards an issue of obesity.

Unhealthy eating habits- This is the primary cause of obesity. Our body needs a lot of whole grains, fruits and healthy proteins but with changing lifestyle and eating preferences we are opting unhealthy junk food over healthy food. Avoid junk food to avoid obesity.

Aging- Changes in hormones and metabolism can also contribute to obesity. Adjusting your portions and eating habits can help you in avoiding obesity.

Stress; Stress is now a part of this fast running life. With the rise in competition, stress is also increasing at the same pace. Insufficient sleep, depression also contributes a major part in obesity.


Obesity causes severe damage to your body. Organs damaged by excess body fat are Brain, Heart, Lung, and colon. These are the main parts that are heavily damaged by obesity. Thus, obesity needs to be treated instantly. Laparoscopic surgery for weight loss by Dr Arun Bhardwaj is the best option to treat obesity without any side effect. Patients need hospitalisation for 2-3 days and can resume work in a week.

Dr Arun Bhardwaj is a leading bariatric surgeon and with his excellent procedures, he will help you overcome obesity. It is a safe procedure and should be done at high volume tertiary centres by a dedicated bariatric team.

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