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Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery

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A hernia cannot be termed as the disease it’s a small defect that can be fixed with minor surgery. It is a bulging of inside layers of abdominal walls from a weak area. It occurs because of natural weakening of abdominal walls due to constant coughing, heavy lifting, or difficulty with bowel movement or urination. The hernia repair surgery is one of the most common operations performed in the world. A hernia is usually treated with surgery and there are three main types of surgery open hernia repair, robotic hernia repair and laparoscopic repair.

Inguinal hernia:

Inguinal hernias can be determined when part of the membrane that is coating the abdominal cavity (omentum) or intestine sticks out through a weak spot in your abdomen. This bulging can be painful, especially when while coughing, bending over or lifting a heavy object.

Umbilical hernia:

An umbilical hernia occurs when part of the bowel or fatty tissue bumps through a weak spot in the surrounding abdominal wall.

Laparoscopic surgery:

Laparoscopic surgery is the best and easy way to repair a hernia. In this procedure, your abdomen is inflated with a harmless gas to help the surgeon with a better look of your organs and after a few small cuts near the hernia. He will insert a thin tube with a tiny camera mounted on the end (laparoscope). Then these images from the laparoscope will guide him to repair the hernia with mesh. The whole process is done by keeping you under the influence of light anaesthesia.

Dr Arun Bhardwaj is the best surgeon in India to perform laparoscopic hernia surgery. He is extensively trained in advanced hernia skills and abdominal wall reconstruction.

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