Hernia Is A Swelling In The Groin, Upper Thigh, Navel Region Or At The Site Of Previous Surgery In Abdomen.

July 17, 2021 by Dr Arun Bhardwaj0

The bulge may not be constant and may increase in size on coughing, straining and may disappear or decrease in size on lying down.
Hernia can occur in any age group including newborns.
When swelling becomes painful, doesn’t decrease on lying down, and is associated with vomiting and inability to pass wind, it becomes an emergency situation and the patient should be rushed to hospital. Such hernias require immediate surgery, failure to do so could lead to life-threatening complications.
Surgery is the only treatment and requires a mesh to cover the weakness or defect in the body wall.
Almost all hernias can be now done by laparoscopic technique.
The surgery is done under general anesthesia, through three small cuts, and requires a short stay in the hospital. Other sites of hernia can be examined during the surgical procedure and repaired.
Cosmetic results are better as compared to open surgery and there is an early return to work and normal activity.

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