CBD Stones And Laparoscopic Surgery for CBD Stones

CBD Stones And Laparoscopic Surgery for CBD Stones

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CBD stones:         

CBD is a small form of Common Bile duct and is commonly diagnosed with a disease named Choledocholithiasis, meaning stone in common bile duct. The common bile duct forms at the junction of the cystic duct and the common hepatic duct and it drains bile into the duodenum (the first part of the small intestine).

Gallstones that are commonly found in Gallbladder can sometimes slip into the common bile duct that can cause a blockage. This blockage then obstructs the whole of the biliary drainage system. Hence there is nowhere for the bile to go but up and the patient becomes jaundiced since certain waste products (bilirubin) are absorbed back into the bloodstream.

 This condition can cause many serious damages to human bodies such as infection of the biliary tree and acute pancreatitis. If diagnosed at an early stage, get treatment from an expert doctor immediately.


A stone in the bile duct may not show any symptoms for months or even years. But if a stone becomes lodged in the duct and obstructs it, you may experience the following symptoms. Know your symptoms and get treated for CBD stone before causing any major issues:

1.      fever

2.       jaundice

3.       loss of appetite

4.       nausea and vomiting

5. clay-colored stools

The pain caused by stones in the bile duct can occur on intervals or remains constant. The pain may be severe or mild

When a gallstone is stuck in the bile duct, the bile can even form infection. The bacteria from the infection can spread at great speed and may move into the liver causing a life-threatening infection.

Harmful effects:

There are two types of gallstones, cholesterol gallstones, and pigment gallstones and harmful effects and symptoms of common bile duct stones are the same as for Gallstones.

Risk factors for cholesterol stones include:

•        high serum cholesterol levels

•        Fast Aging

•        Obesity

•        Rapid weight loss

Risk factors for pigment stones include:

•        chronic hemolysis (red blood cell breakdown)

•        hereditary spherocytosis,

•        sickle cell disease

•        liver cirrhosis.

Laparoscopic surgery for CBD stones:

Laparoscopic surgery is the best and easy way to treat CBD stones. It is a major procedure informed under the influence of anesthesia. With small cuts less than a cm size, the CBD is opened up and all the stones are removed. Also, gall bladder harboring the gall stones is removed at the same sitting so that this problem is cured for a lifetime. The patient is discharged from the hospital in 2-3 days time

Dr. Arun Bhardwaj is the best surgeon in India to perform laparoscopic surgery for CBD stones. He is a leading bariatric surgeon and with his excellent procedures, he will help you overcome CBD stones and Obesity problems.

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