Best fistula surgeon In West Delhi

Best fistula surgeon In West Delhi


Best Fistula Surgeon in West Delhi 

Anal problems are common nowadays. People find it embarrassing to share their problems even with a doctor but it is advised to seek medical advice as soon as you notice any irritation or infection in your private parts. Anal problems include some major problems like piles, fistula or fissures. These problems may affect the functioning of the anus or may create a problem in your day-to-day activities. The anus is the last portion of the colon and is one of the most prominent parts of the human body.


An anal fistula is a tunnel that runs inside your anal. Sometimes they get blocked as bacteria build up a swollen pocket of infected tissue. This condition is rare and is caused by an illness that affects your bowel or sexually transmitted diseases.

Doctors can treat this problem with some medications but it is advised to get surgery for permanent recovery.


Symptoms of the fistula may vary from person to person but some common symptoms of this

problem is-

  • painful bowel movements
  • bleeding
  • fever
  • redness
  • swelling
  • Foul smell around your anus.


Surgery is the only treatment of fistula as a permanent solution. Your doctor will cut open the skin and muscle around your tunnel and will close the fistula. The procedure can make your bowel movement harder for a few days. Depending on the location of the fistula your doctor may have to cut into the sphincter muscles that open and close your anus.

In the case of complicated fistula, the doctor might put a tube known as a seton into the opening that will help in draining the infected fluid before surgery. We have a team of Best Fistula Surgeon in West Delhi that assures you about permanent recovery and proper treatment.