Stapled Transanal Rectal Resection (STARR) is a minimally invasive surgery to treat patients having chronic constipation called Obstructed Defecation Syndrome (ODS). In this procedure, a surgeon having expertise in STARR removes excess tissues in rectum through the anus without any external incisions and leaves no visible scars.

Symptoms of ODS are:

  • Feeling of stool getting stuck
  • Using fingers to assist in bowel movement
  • Frequent need to go to the toilet
  • Excessive straining

Stapled transanal rectal resection (STARR) is the most advanced minimal invasive surgical procedure to restore normal rectal anatomy and overcoming the symptoms of obstructed defecation syndrome (ODS). STARR is an advancement of stapled haemorrhoidectomy to remove excess rectal tissue. Patient undergoing STARR procedure can go home in one day after the procedure

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